People can develop depression at any age, but seniors are more susceptible than other age groups. Along with the ordinary stresses of life, older adults often face declining health, shrinking social circles, and fear of death or disability, all of which can play contributing roles in the development of serious mood disorders.

It’s important to recognize that clinical depression is a serious mental illness that involves not just hopelessness and a lack of joy but also an impaired ability to care for oneself. Clinical depression should always be treated by a medical practitioner, but making lifestyle changes can also help. Read on to find out how assisted living homes can ease the suffering of seniors with clinical depression.

Reduced Stress

The dedicated staff at an assisted living community will be available to help all of the residents with routine tasks such as home maintenance, shopping, and meal preparation. This solution makes far more sense than continuing to deal with the day-to-day stress of aging in place alone. 

Unfortunately, depression can make even simple activities very stressful. Whether they are struggling with mood disorders or mobility issues, seniors who find themselves needing more help than they used to with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, and medication management can get the help they need from dedicated caregivers. Reducing stress should be just one component of a more comprehensive depression treatment plan, but it can make a big difference

Increased Sense of Belonging

Seniors who age in place often report feelings of loneliness and social isolation, which can lead to major mental and physical illnesses, including depression. Moving to an assisted living community will offer previously isolated seniors the chance to join in on fun activities, make new friends, share meals, and develop new hobbies. 

Becoming a part of the community makes it easier for seniors to regain a sense of belonging and purpose, which can help to ease depression symptoms. Even engaging in simple activities like developing friendships with neighbors or providing emotional support to other residents during their times of need can renew a senior’s sense of purpose and increase their emotional wellbeing.

Safety and Security

It’s very common for seniors who live alone to worry about their personal safety, and family caregivers often share those concerns. Aging adults and their loved ones will feel far more secure in an assisted living home or, if necessary, a memory care center. 

Depending on the level of senior care required, there may be enhanced security features like security cameras, electronic access, and medical alert systems. Assisted living communities are also staffed 24/7, which means there’s less worry about things like break-ins or unexpected falls. Someone will always be available to help.

Healthy Lifestyle Changes

One of the biggest benefits of senior living communities is that they offer all residents the chance to make healthier lifestyle choices. For people with clinical depression, meeting dietary, exercise, and socialization needs is vital, and it can be difficult when symptoms like lack of motivation and fatigue begin to arise. Getting the help required to facilitate healthy lifestyle changes can be an excellent complement to other treatment options.

Seniors who take antidepressant drugs also get help with managing medications and side effects, rides to the doctor or assistance with virtual visits, and finding one-on-one or group counseling sessions. The combination of healthy food, opportunities for exercise, and assistance with adhering to medical treatment plans can be very beneficial for depressed seniors.

Maintaining Independence

One of the great things about assisted living is that it can functionally increase any senior’s independence, including those who struggle with clinical depression. Instead of relying on family members for help, seniors can get assistance with basic daily tasks from trained professionals who are committed not just to helping residents but to ensuring that the people under their care are doing everything possible to take care of themselves, as well.

Getting help with the activities of daily living can also improve family relationships. Instead of worrying about all of the tasks that need to be accomplished during every visit, family members can focus on spending quality time with their loved ones, which can help to stave off depression.

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