As people age, they often face challenges with their health and mobility. These challenges may make living alone difficult or even dangerous. Fortunately, an assisted living community in Manvel, TX, offers seniors the help they need to have a fulfilling life. Unfortunately, it can be hard to convince a loved one that they need these types of services.

Discussing Assisted Living

Living alone may be hard for seniors. The isolation frequently leads to depression and other mental health issues. If a senior has problems with their health or mobility, they may be at risk for serious accidents or other problems without help nearby. In addition, seniors with cognitive issues may face risks that put them in harm’s way.

When this occurs, it is often time for family members to consider finding a safe place for their loved ones to live. Assisted living communities provide care for seniors and help ensure their safety and health. Unfortunately, many seniors are opposed to moving out of their homes. They may even be in denial of the seriousness of their situation. Finding a better approach to the subject makes it easier to convince a senior parent or loved one they need a change in their living arrangements.

Try a Different Approach

If previous conversations about elderly assisted living ended poorly, change the approach. The first thing to do is to remember that this may be frightening for the elderly loved ones. Most seniors plan to age in place. Unfortunately, many seniors are not prepared to do so, or their situation becomes such that aging in place is impossible.

When faced with this, some seniors may feel they are losing control of their lives. It is important to keep them involved in the decision-making process. Avoid phrases that make them feel vulnerable or they have no choice, such as “have to.” Including the seniors in the conversation and listening to their opinions could help convince them it’s time to find a community to help.

Get Help

Sometimes, a united front is the best option. Getting siblings or other family members together to help convince the aging parent may be a good choice. Hearing it from many sides, and getting the opinions of other family members, could help the senior understand the situation and get the help they need.

It is important, however, to be careful with this option. If not handled delicately, it can seem as though the entire family is ganging up on the loved one. It is best to have the conversation in a comfortable setting or even have other family members present their cases at different times to ease any possibility of making the conversation confrontational.

Take a Step Back

If the loved one is adamantly opposed to senior living, take a step back for a while. There is no point in damaging a relationship or turning the conversation into a fight. Taking some time to let the thought resonate with the parent or loved one could allow them to ease into the idea more gently.

After some time has passed, present the idea again. This time, attempt to be gentler in the conversation. Ask the loved one if they would consider visiting a community in the area. The loved one could even tour several to see if there is a community they might enjoy more. Be sure to point out the benefits they will receive and the opportunity to make new friends.

The Last Resort

There may come a time when trying to convince the parent or loved one is no longer an option. If their health is failing, they need memory care, or their mobility issues have caused injuries, it may be time to take the extra step to find the care they need.

If the loved one is in danger, legal assistance may be the next step. Contacting an elder care attorney will provide valuable information for helping the senior. An attorney could assist in seeking guardianship for the senior. Even a geriatric social worker could be beneficial in getting the parent or loved one to an assisted living community they need.  At the end of the day, it is simply about keeping loved ones safe and happy during this time of their life.

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