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Providing Support and Comfort for Your Loved Ones at Orchard Park

When a loved one enters a senior living residence, they may feel an array of emotions ranging from joy to fear. Whether this is the culmination of a lifelong dream or unwelcome news, having them in a new environment can present challenges that require special attention and care to support successful aging. Understanding how a [...]

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Orchard Park of Southfork’s New Eversound System

There are few things more important to maintaining health and happiness into old age than being able to connect with one's family, friends, and the general community. For those who struggle with hearing loss, this basic human need often goes unmet. Around one-third of Americans aged 65-74 and almost half of people 75 years or [...]

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How to Talk About Finances With Your Elderly Parents

Asking people to talk about their finances is rarely an easy task, and, unfortunately, it's not made any easier even when it's your parents. However, it's a necessary step as they grow older and you begin to take on a larger role in their personal lives. So, what can you do to make the "talk" [...]

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Presenting Assisted Living to Someone in Denial Can Be a Challenge

As people age, they often face challenges with their health and mobility. These challenges may make living alone difficult or even dangerous. Fortunately, an assisted living community in Manvel, TX, offers seniors the help they need to have a fulfilling life. Unfortunately, it can be hard to convince a loved one that they need these [...]

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Making the Transition to Assisted Living

Once seniors are no longer safe living on their own, there are options for residential communities. Making the transition to residing in an assisted living community can be stressful. Although the new environment requires acclimation, the process does not have to be difficult.  Signs it is Time for Residential Care Making the decision it is [...]

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Encouraging Seniors With Uplifting Words

After retirement, seniors have the freedom to do whatever they want in life, but many become discouraged because they don't have somewhere to go every day. Uplifting words and encouragement help these seniors to stay motivated and find new interests after retirement. Senior communities are terrific places for retired seniors looking for a new life [...]

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Understanding the Difference Between Assisted Living and Home Care

Elderly parents often balk at the notion of moving into a senior community, and this starts an argument with family members. Caring for a senior loved one will mean making decisions they don't like. Adult children take on the role of the parent or caregiver for their elderly parents, but as they soon learn, dementia [...]

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How to Protect Your Aging Relatives from Scammers

Scams are used to collect money and exploit the vulnerable. Seniors are prime targets for scam artists because, before retirement, the individuals save significant amounts of money. Retirement plans and Social Security benefits make up a senior's income after retiring. Retirement funds provide access to a great deal of money, and scam artists want to [...]

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Watching For and Treating Glaucoma

Many residents living in local communities may need help if they are experiencing any signs of glaucoma. The eye disease can lead to partial or total blindness if the person doesn't get proper treatment. Glaucoma can lead to permanent damage of the optic nerve because of excessive pressure in the eye. If the fluid in [...]

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How to Understand the Umbrella of Dementia

Humans lose neurons in the brain as they age. However, for a person with dementia, this loss happens to a greater extent. Countless neurons cease functioning, which disrupts connections with other cells in the brain. Eventually, the neurons die. This helps to explain why dementia symptoms worsen over time. However, dementia actually serves as an [...]

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