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How to Understand the Umbrella of Dementia

Humans lose neurons in the brain as they age. However, for a person with dementia, this loss happens to a greater extent. Countless neurons cease functioning, which disrupts connections with other cells in the brain. Eventually, the neurons die. This helps to explain why dementia symptoms worsen over time. However, dementia actually serves as an [...]

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Veterans Benefit from Community Living

In Texas, veterans, the elderly, and the disabled have many living arrangements and housing options. Veterans' two standard options are living in a home or an apartment by themselves, and or living with family or friends. A third option growing in popularity is living in a care community or retirement village. This third option has [...]

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Isolated Living Can Be Dangerous for Seniors

COVID-19 has presented many challenges for everyone, especially seniors. Elderly individuals who live alone and don't live in communities have been isolated at a higher rate and with negative results. With the pandemic, many people were confined to their homes and couldn't leave because of shutdowns or the onset of illnesses. Studies show that severe [...]

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What to Watch For While Visiting Your Elderly Parents

For many people, the best thing about going home is the memories that live within the walls of their childhood. Familiar surroundings and smells that bring the past back to life are the treasures adult children look forward to during a visit home. As time goes by, people change, but the changes are more noticeable [...]

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