COVID-19 has presented many challenges for everyone, especially seniors. Elderly individuals who live alone and don’t live in communities have been isolated at a higher rate and with negative results. With the pandemic, many people were confined to their homes and couldn’t leave because of shutdowns or the onset of illnesses. Studies show that severe isolation is not healthy for seniors and could lead to more detrimental results. 

When reviewing the living conditions of an elderly loved one, many families have looked for communities that are a better fit for the person. In a community where seniors can make friends, isolation won’t become a problem.  

Being Alone Too Often

Elderly individuals have a fear of being alone too often, and for many, the move to a senior community could mean fewer visits from family members. The increase in loneliness could have a dramatic toll on the person’s mental health and could cause a faster progression of some conditions such as dementia. If the person doesn’t socialize, there is a higher risk of poor health and well-being.  

The Onset of Neurological Diseases

When a person is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, doctors recommend socializing more to improve brain function and help them retain more memory. If the individual isolates because of the condition, the person could reach different stages of the disease at a faster rate and become incapacitated. With socialization and memory care, the residents won’t succumb to the illnesses as quickly, and a normal life for many more years is possible for these individuals. 

Depression and Anxiety

Many elderly individuals suffer from depression and anxiety, and these conditions are known to lead to isolation and severe mental defects. If a senior stays at home and doesn’t get out and spend time with others, the symptoms of these conditions can worsen and lead to more complex issues. Doctors can provide medications for the illnesses, but the patient must make the choice to socialize and spend time away from home and around other people.  

Giving Up on Life

Without healthy activities to do, many seniors see a major decline in their health and could start to give up on life completely. If the senior develops a mental illness such as agoraphobia because of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a higher rate of suicide and death due to malnutrition. Many individuals with the condition are too fearful to leave their homes and could avoid going to get food. The results could be catastrophic for the elderly individual. 

The Need for Companionship

Companionship is a must for seniors and everyone. If an individual doesn’t have anyone to talk to, the situation could become increasingly unhealthy for the person. Isolation could increase the effects of mental illness and could make things difficult for seniors who live alone. If the person doesn’t communicate with anyone, there is a higher chance of injuries in which the person doesn’t get proper treatment in an appropriate amount of time. By spending time with others, the individual won’t be isolated, and if an emergency happens, the person can get help as needed.  

A Great Place for Seniors 

Orchard Park at Southfork is an independent and assisted living community that offers a wealth of options for seniors. The community offers exceptional opportunities for socializing and staying healthy. There are a variety of social gatherings and dining opportunities for seniors to spend time with like-minded individuals. When reviewing the locale, many seniors find a great home and a brilliant chance to cultivate new friendships. Seniors can learn more about Orchard Park by setting up a tour right now. 

The dangers of isolation for seniors could lead to an earlier death or the worsening of complex illnesses that are either physical or mental. When reviewing the advantages of socialization, many families discuss a move to a senior community with their loved ones. 

By living in these locales, elderly individuals have access to activities and outings that allow for companionship and prevent the residents from succumbing to the effects of isolation. Individuals who are confined to their homes for health reasons or depression will not stay healthy and could face more dire circumstances. If the person moves into a community designed for more mature residents, the individuals can make friends with people who are close to their age and have similar life experiences. Many residents that live in these areas get out more and really enjoy their lives. By reviewing all the amenities of these communities, seniors can find a great home and live longer.