There are few things more important to maintaining health and happiness into old age than being able to connect with one’s family, friends, and the general community. For those who struggle with hearing loss, this basic human need often goes unmet.

Around one-third of Americans aged 65-74 and almost half of people 75 years or older suffer from hearing loss, including many assisted living residents. Not everyone tolerates hearing aids well, though, and even with these devices, some people struggle to stay focused on conversations or group activities due to hearing impairment. That’s why Orchard Park has invested in the Eversound System.

What Is Eversound?

Eversound is a wireless listening system designed specifically for seniors. It has been proven to enhance not just hearing but also community engagement and quality of life for residents who struggle with hearing loss and those who simply have trouble focusing sometimes.

A new study found that people with hearing loss who wear a hearing device score 3% better on their cognitive tests. Additionally, the use of hearing aids was found to reduce long-term cognitive decline by 19%. With prevention being one of the best ways to manage dementia this is a key finding. 

Many senior living communities adopted the Eversound listening system during the COVID pandemic in response to studies showing increased feelings of isolation in older adults. What many assumed was a simple COVID mitigation measure wound up changing senior community life for good.

How It Works

Using the Eversound system is simple. All seniors need to do to start enjoying improved hearing and more focused communication is put on the headset and adjust it to fit. Because Eversound was designed specifically with seniors’ needs in mind, the headsets feature easy-to-use volume controls that accommodate just about any level of dexterity and can be fitted to the head for maximum comfort during long periods of use.

In the context of senior living communities, the Eversound system is often used to facilitate both group activities and one-on-one conversations. By bringing everyone into the community and allowing them to participate regardless of hearing status, this sound system reduces feelings of loneliness and improves well-being.

No One Should Have to Feel Alone

People who suffer from hearing loss are more likely to report feelings of loneliness and social isolation. These experiences don’t just reduce the quality of life on a day-to-day basis. Increased rates of loneliness and social isolation are also associated with an elevated risk of cardiac problems, depression, anxiety, cognitive decline, and a range of other physical and mental health disorders. Research shows that it even increases seniors’ overall mortality risk. 

Needless to say, there’s no overstating the importance of making everyone feel connected to their peers. Eversound allows residents of senior living communities to engage more fully and experience genuine social interactions instead of feeling cut off from the world by their hearing loss. Users often report increased feelings of happiness and well-being as a result, and some even see improvements in physical, emotional, and cognitive health.

Group Activities Can Be More Engaging

There’s a reason senior living communities organize fun classes, events, and social occasions for their residents, and it’s to allow them to share meaningful experiences with others. Being able to participate fully and becoming entirely engaged will make those experiences even more memorable, helping to create friendships and cement community bonds.

It’s not just seniors who struggle with hearing loss who can benefit from using this powerful tool. The use of the Eversound system also makes it easier to focus, which can be advantageous to just about anyone.

Eversound Improves One-on-One Conversations

One of the best parts about the Eversound system is its versatility. It’s not just for group activities. Seniors can also use Eversound headphones to improve one-on-one communication. Whether they’re talking to a physical therapist during an in-person visit or a loved one who lives miles away, being able to engage fully can make all the difference.

When family members come to visit, residents at facilities that use Eversound have yet another leg up. They’ll be better able to communicate with loved ones and have meaningful, memorable conversations with children, grandchildren, and long-time friends. This system can thus be viewed not just as a method of improving hearing but also of fostering deeper connections and nurturing new and existing relationships.

Check Out the Eversound System

Looking for an assisted living community in Southfork, TX, that uses the Eversound wireless listening system? Orchard Park at Southfork is a fantastic option. Our adoption of the Eversound system is just one of many ways we show our dedication to improving our residents’ quality of life. Seniors and their families shouldn’t underestimate its effects until they try Eversound out for themselves and see what life can be like in a supportive community. Call (713) 960-4727 to schedule a tour today.