Living with elderly parents seems like a charming idea. As they grow old, they may need help from their adult children. Unfortunately, there are many drawbacks to taking care of elderly parents, but there are also many rewards. Learning about them both is essential before deciding on residency. 

Is It Unsafe for Seniors to Live Alone?

Some seniors live the rest of their lives independently and do not need any assistance. Others develop health concerns and cognitive declines that put them in danger. The following signs should alert adult children of safety issues with their elderly parents. 

  • The parent is falling frequently and becoming injured. 
  • Seniors forget simple directions and get lost easily. 
  • The elderly parent neglects to bathe, brush their teeth, or take medications. 
  • The aging parent has serious health issues that are not easily managed. 

Spend time with the parent, and observe their activities. How is their driving? Can they still perform simple cooking tasks? How is their hygiene? These are questions to ask to determine if a senior can live alone safely. If not, there are many senior living options available. 

Pros of Moving an Elderly Parent Into the Home

Moving an elderly parent into the home offers many benefits. Consider the following pros before deciding on moving them into your home or seeking a senior living community

Adult Children Provide Help to Senior Parents

After all they have done for their children, aging parents deserve a little help. One of the biggest driving factors for adult children moving their parents in is help. Even if the aging parent is almost entirely independent, there are still tasks that may prove challenging. Being there for your parents is priceless. 

Adult Children Save Their Aging Parents Money

Providing support for seniors saves them money. Living in the home of their adult children prevents them from paying the significant cost of moving into a community. Some seniors do not have savings or assets they can rely on to pay for these communities. Adult children can help their parents save money.

Seniors Feel More Comfortable 

Seniors become creatures of habit. They like to be surrounded by the familiar. Moving into an assisted living community is exciting, but it can also bring on fear. Some aging parents feel more comfortable staying at home with their adult children than branching out into the unfamiliar. 

Cons of Moving an Elderly Parent Into the Home

Problems can arise when moving an elderly parent into the home. Talking about the challenges is just as integral as mentioning the rewards. The following are some of the cons adult children should consider. 

Adult Children May Find It Challenging to Get a Break

Becoming a full-time caretaker is tough work. With the added people living in their homes, adult children may find themselves feeling overwhelmed. It can become challenging to find alone time to de-stress. Aging parents may begin to become overly dependent on the care provided. 

Increased Responsibilities Can Take Their Toll

Providing full-time care for an elderly parent can become overwhelming. The added responsibilities can take a toll on adult children, especially if they already have many responsibilities. Juggling their families, working, and taking care of their parents can become exhaustive. 

Changes in the Relationship Can Become Stressful

Those with a poor relationship with their parents may find it challenging to live with them. Aging parents can experience changes in personality and behavior which can become stressful to those around them. Elderly individuals are often stuck in their ways and may not be apt to adapt to change. 

Aging Parents Can Become Lonely

Adult children often lead busy lives. They may have a family or a demanding job. If the adult child is not around often, the parent may become bored and lonely. Loneliness can lead to added stress, depression, and anxiety, especially in those with cognitive decline. Getting them enrolled in a community with memory care is beneficial.

Consider the Options

There is no cookie-cutter approach to deciding what is best for senior parents. Adult children often feel overwhelmed in the process. One should not feel guilty if they cannot provide 24/7 care. Just because a senior moves into a community does not mean the adult children cannot be a part of their lives. Families should make these decisions together. 

 At Orchard Park at Southfork, we believe every senior deserves to be treated with the utmost respect and dignity. Our expansive campus offers tranquil beauty and a home-like atmosphere that makes our residents feel comfortable. There is always something to enjoy at Orchard Park.