Many people who have visited senior living communities understand the benefits they offer. However, people who have never visited a loved one in a senior living community may believe unfounded myths about them. Others believe senior living communities are nursing homes, but the two differ. Although some assisted living communities provide healthcare services, they provide personalized services beyond age-related support. They often strive to provide ideal settings and services for senior lifestyles without compromising privacy and independence. Here are a few myths and realities about assisted living communities to help seniors adjust their expectations.

Myth: Senior Communities Are for Typical Old People

The reality is that residents are usually independent and happy, even though some need help to perform certain activities. Therefore, those who think they will find stereotypical old and dull seniors in the communities should adjust their expectations. These communities are designed for youthful seniors with zeal, lust, and zest for life. Besides enjoying their private life in comfortable apartments, they also enjoy leisure, educational activities, and entertainment to rejuvenate. Even the few who need memory care still enjoy freedom and independence and lead an active lifestyle.

Myth: Residents in Senior Living Communities Feel Institutionalized

When some people think of assisted living, images of white halls with long hallways and fluorescent bulbs come to mind. However, modern assisted living homes are comfortable, homelike, and feel more like resorts than hospitals or nursing homes. Therefore, seniors should not worry about enrolling in a senior living community because they will enjoy their stay and lead a more comfortable and fulfilling life. The leading communities often invest in quality furnishings, comfortable furniture, large windows for natural light, and amazing decorations to make residents feel at home.

Myth: Senior Living Is Expensive 

Some families feel the average assisted living cost is high, but the cost is usually less than receiving the same care and support services at home. The costs vary depending on the available senior living options, service package, apartment size, level of care, diet, and preferences. Moving to a senior living community is an efficient option considering the cost of buying or renting property, paying home insurance, taxes, maintenance, utilities, and repairs.

Unlike at home, where seniors pay for everything separately, senior living reduces everything into one convenient monthly pay. Therefore, residents can enjoy therapy for seniors, social events, entertainment, housekeeping services, and personal support under one roof. This enhances comfort, convenience and improves the quality of life.

Myth: Seniors are Unable to See Friends and Family Members Frequently

This may have been the case many years ago, but modern senior living communities are much better. They allow visitors with the consent of the residents and can access common areas and private apartments as long as the guests do not pose security threats. Residents can also organize get-togethers and parties when necessary. Friends and family members can visit for coffee, lunch, or social events at their convenience. Therefore, the seniors feel safe despite changing their residence. Some enjoy an improved social life when they join a senior living community.

Myth: Meals Are Unappetizing

The reality is that senior living communities provide multiple nutritious meals daily. Some also have venues for beverages and snacks, among other appetizing meal options. Trained chefs with years of experience usually prepare meals in modern kitchens to provide residents with delicious menus. The assisted home also pays attention to the individual nutritional needs of the residents to promote health.

Myth: Seniors Do Not Enjoy Privacy

The truth is that residents can decide how and where to spend their time, depending on the desired privacy level. They have common areas such as dining halls, swimming pools, sports grounds, and private apartments where they can read or spend time with friends or family. Therefore, seniors who like spending time alone in quiet private suites can enjoy comfort and privacy with minimal intrusion. The caregivers only enter the private apartments when necessary and with residents’ prior knowledge and consent.

Myth: Seniors Have to Give Up Their Hobbies

Nothing can be further from the truth because the opposite is true. Residents have more spare time for hobbies in an assisted living community than at home because they don’t engage in time-consuming tasks such as home maintenance, cleaning, and food preparation. They can spend the time on what they love, including holding art shows, taking photographs, taking day trips, and playing musical instruments. The communities also allow residents to try new hobbies and learn new skills.

Assisted living is associated with myths and stigma that might stand in the way of senior citizens. However, senior living communities strive to provide a safe and conducive environment for them to enjoy a fulfilling life. Therefore, they should not believe these myths to enjoy the benefits of senior living.

At Orchard Park, we empower our residents to live their lives in their own way despite their healthcare needs. We value comfort and independence and ensure caregivers and residents love our community. Besides, everyone who joins Orchard Park becomes a valuable member of our family.