Texas residents have some nice choices for senior living at all income levels and care needs. Those Texas seniors who can afford a private pay senior care community can look into the advantages of living at Orchard Park at Southfork, TX. This is luxury living for seniors who may need assisted living services or memory care. There is no need to give up the standard of living one has become accustomed to as one gets older.

As People Age, There Are New Living Options Available

If a person lives near Marvel or Southfork, TX, they can choose to move to a senior care community that gives them the luxury they want and is close to their friends and relatives in Texas. Taking part in senior living in Manvel, TX can be a very good decision. The Orchard Park at Southfork is an assisted living senior community that is meant for people who need a little extra help as they age but want to maintain their independence and their lifestyle.

Texas has many different senior living and assisted living community choices for all income levels. It is important for the senior citizen and their family to explore the different possibilities and choose the community that meets one’s physical needs and provides a comfortable living environment. Finances always come into play at this point in life. If plans have been in place, and there is money set aside to support a luxury private-pay senior community, all the better.

What Features Do Assisted Living Communities Offer?

It is important to choose a new home with assisted living or memory care options that offers the kinds of services and activities that the senior will need and enjoy. One of the important areas to ask about is the food that is served to the residents. Is the food high-quality and are the meals planned by professional dieticians? This is important because there is evidence that a Mediterranean diet will decrease the risk of dementia and improve overall health.

A Mediterranean diet is one that is high in plant-based foods or vegetables, healthy fats, seafood, and fruits, along with proteins such as eggs, cheese, yogurt, and poultry. This diet can be varied a lot so that meals are not repetitive or boring. Fresh foods are encouraged rather than over-processed ones.

A good assisted living community should offer exercise and other health-based activities to keep seniors active and healthy. Medical professionals should be readily available. This community living for seniors should include programs to help seniors socialize and make friends. Loneliness and isolation should be guarded against. There should be help with cleaning and maintaining the individual living spaces. Look for the right senior living in Marvel, TX. Look for the community that offers the right level of care and the right treatment to avoid dementia and allow a person to age with dignity.

Living in an Assisted Living Community to Avoid Dementia

The reason moving to assisted living homes with memory care available is a good choice is the medical professionals on staff. There are programs available to help seniors reduce their risk of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Living alone and isolated in the family home can lead to seniors developing dementia and other health problems. But, living in a controlled environment such as an assisted living community helps a person stay healthier both physically and mentally. 

The Alzheimer’s Society recommends these lifestyle changes:

  • Make sure to take part in regular physical activity
  • Eat a healthy diet like the Mediterranean diet
  • Don’t smoke
  • Drink less alcohol
  • Stay mentally active and enjoy an active social life
  • Have regular checkups and healthcare

Residents of assisted living communities have professional caregivers taking care of all of the above lifestyle options. 

Learn About Our Community at Orchard Park at Southfork, TX

An assisted living community, Orchard Park at Southfork is in the beautiful community of Manvel, TX. We are a private-pay senior luxury community.  We offer assisted living and memory care services in a comfortable, attractive setting. Our residents want the luxury living they are used to with extra help around the house and with personal care. Our staff of professional healthcare givers meets their every need. Our meals are based on a healthy Mediterranean diet. We offer numerous amenities and services to keep our residents healthy and happy.